Swami Virajeshwara

Notice To Devotees: Swami Virajeshwara Saraswathi gave up his mortal body & attained Mahasamadhi on 31/05/2014 at around 5 PM.



Guru’s talk, his walks, his works, his way of life, every action as well as inaction & silence will reflect wisdom

Swami Virajeshwara is a rare “Brahmajnani” living amongst us, radiating supreme bliss, infinite grace, shunning publicity, fame and expectations of any kind. After obtaining Ph.D. in polymer physics in U.S.A., he worked in the R&D lab of IBM in New York in the sixties, he returned to India by renouncing everything, went to the Himalayas to know “WHO AM I”  and realized the Self by intense Sadhana and Tapas under the tutelage of his Guru, Swami Vidyananada Saraswati of Rishikesh. After living on the outskirts of Mumbai and Bangalore for a few years, he is now living in Hamsa Ashram, near to an obscure village, Anusoni, in Tamilnadu. The Ashram is surrounded by pristine hills, lush greenery, flora & fauna. For more particulars click here.