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Scientists search for truth

Scientist’s search for truth is a fascinating autobiography, which could very well be anybody’s, even your own biography, as it lucidly unfolds, page after page, how just an ordinary seeker with usual shortcomings treads the seemingly impossible path and transforms himself from manhood to Godhood.

In the 18th chapter, the author vividly describes the experiene of the  “sakshatkara” (self-realization) as follows:

“Who is this ‘I’? I went several rounds, back and forth: Everything is Energy, everything is Brahma, then who is this ‘I’?

The ‘I’ which was so obviously perspicuous, which never needed even a moment’s thought to know till now, appeared illusively enigmatic, the most concealed and perplexing secret. A thing which was. so far clearly the knower and the subject, now suddenly turned an unknown object to be known, and the most difficult one. I was fully engrossed with this single thought, with so deep a concentration that I never knew before, for quite some time.

Then in one spark, the answer flashed. ‘I’ is:


‘I’ is nothing, it is naught, a cipher. A non-entity. It does not exist. ‘I’ is a mere nonexistent ego. It has no existence, no place on earth. All this was in deep samadhi.

That was it.”

No sage has ever presented the experience of self-realization so clearly and beautifully.

Swami Virajeshwara as a young graduate from Mumbai University with lots of ambition but no prior knowledge of yoga, goes to USA. There he begins yoga practice, but is persecuted by racist whites. After earning a PhD in polymer physics from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, He works for I.B.M. at its R&D Labs responsible for developing high speed fourth generation computers like IBM-360.

Pessimistic of scientific achievements the young scientist renounces everything, goes to Himalayas in search of TRUTH and dives deep into meditation to enquire “Who am I? What is God ? Why do I exist ?”

The search culminates in Self-realization and eternal peace which elevates the scientist to a saint.

Absolutely earnest, brilliantly educative to a seeker, at times humorously entertaining, Scientist’s search for Truth reveals what the Realization actually is in simple words of a Realized person and takes the reader along with the author to the abode of eternal peace.

Book is available in English , Kannada , Tamil , Telugu, Oriya, Marathi, Hindi, Malayalam and Japanese.



Science of Bhagavadgita

Science of Bhagavad Gita is a novel approach to understand Gita through modern science. It covers all aspects of yoga, Vedanta and scientifically clears doubts and objections of critics of religion in lucid flow easily understood by average readers. Attracted by its scientific appeal,

Bhagavad gita occupies a prominent place in the religious literature of India, second to Upanishads, and is rapidly gaining worldwide popularity for several reasons.

First, its language is simple, easy enough to understand with an elementary knowledge of Samskritam in comparison with the more difficult language of the Upanishads.

Second, it servers as a practical guide of religion and philosophy even to a common man.

Third, it contains the essence of all religions and guides men in all walks of life, saint and sinner alike, to the highest knowledge of the self.

Forth, it does not forbid the uninitiated, nor those not belonging to the privileged class, and therefore can be studied by anyone who has deep devotion and firm faith in God, regardless of religious affiliation, as the book itself declares.

Fifth, unlike others this piece of religious literature, contains no myths or unauthentic blind beliefs; therefore it appeals to scientific mind.

Sixth, it is a storehouse of knowledge containing the highest truth in the most precise language and is capable of giving solace to the distressed.

Finally, the truths contained in the Bhagavd giita have remained unswayed by the tide of time and are quite germane to the problems of modern life as they were to the ancients.

The book, narrow the gap between the ancient wisdom and the modern scientific philosophy, and help those wavering on the path, due to apparent anomaly between science and religion to set their mind firmly on Truth.

Book is available in English and Japanese.



Know Your Reality Part 1

The person answering the questions is Hamsa also known as Swami Virajeshwara. Although visitors come with many doubts, all are not at easy to ask all their doubts due to some internal or external inhibitions, some find their doubts cleared just in this holy environment without asking, while others forget their questions when reach the place, still others fail to frame their questions properaly and some feel bashful to ask.

The answers provided to one seeker are of great help to others as well, because questions are often similar. An average man having listened and understood once in holy atmosphere, invariably forgets what was heard after a while, especially when he leaves this environment and drowns himself in worldly busy life, therefore he needs to be kept reminded repeatedly to continue his sadhana along the lines suggested in order to attain the goal.

Therefore the need was felt to collect and publish this valuable preaching in the book form, which could become handy for everyday use to serious seekers.

Questions got the appropriate, scientifically appreciable, pragmatic, sensible answers from the view point of the questioner and according to his level of understanding, and not something too  abstract and beyond his comprehension or impractical. Thus a question may have evoked a different answer on a different occasion to a different questioner.

Keeping moksha through jnana (knowledge of the self ) as the goal and solution to all problems, bhakti (devotion to god), karmayoga, meditation and self enquiry are advised according to the individual’s aptitude. By any path, attainment of the thoughtless state of the mind, realizing the falsehood of the ego and effacing it, are the means to the knowledge of the Self and moksha. This is the abstract of answers.

Often asked questions are, Why man suffers, Why he has passions, Why God has given them, Why God makes man to suffer, and how to overcome them. This book, by a scientist turned sage, answers questions asked by sincere aspirants on meditation, sadhana, life after death, world of pitraloka, heaven, sprits, rebirth, idol worship, shalagrama, theology, karma and science to relation to religion and Vedanta, causes of fear and means to conquer it, marriage, responsibility to family, tension, depression, natural calamities, wars and many more questions that plague the modern man.

Book is available in English , Kannada and Telugu.



Know Your Reality Part 2

Realised Masters take the physical form solely with the purpose of showing the way to know who really we are. How much rational minded we are, it is impossible to understand logically how a Realised Master works due to our ajnana and latent ego. For this, at least, one has to study with deep reverence the life and teachings of Mahapurushas like the immaculate Saint of Siridi, Avadhuta Shikhamani Sri Sadashiva Brahmendra of Nerur, bhagavan Sri Ramama Maharshir, Jagadguru Sri Chandrashekhara Bharathi Mahaswami.

Swami Virajeshwara Saraswati, one such saint who bestows his grace to anyone who is destined to apprach him with all humility. To know more about him, one has to read his autobigraphy (Scientist’s search for Truth). Sincere seekers of true knowledge from super rich to poor have come from all parts of world with doubts, questions and returned with contentment.

In this part II, more questions have been answered by him in his simple, direct way. Some of the answered questions:

If there is no birth after moksha, what becomes of the soul after the death?

how to get rid of fear?

Should we perform death rites for dead?

Are all sanyasis realised?

If Atma is Brahma, then why there is differience?

Does ego die at the time of death?

How to stop thinking?

Book is available in English and Kannada.



Sadhana & Meditation

Meditation has become necessity to overcome the miseries of modern life and to preserver the balance of mind. A moment of equanimity attained in meditation provides the distressed mind the real happiness and solace to the soul. Meditation is the means to consolidate his scattered energies, gain control over the confusing mind and apply it to solve the problem of the world and the Self.

Sadhana & Meditation is a practical guide to meditation with the preliminaries and the benefits of it, for people of all levels and all walks of life. Written by a former computer engineer in USA who later turned a yogi and a saint, whose autobiography “scientist’s Search for Truth” is quite popular.

The present book gives a lucid introduction with persuasive reasons to begin meditation and takes the beginner through all aspects of yoga, karma, bhakti jnana to the highest samadhi which culminates in Self – realiation and perfect peace. The scientific analysis used by the author will convince every reader to begin meditation and elevate his own life to full of hope, manning and general prosperity. This book can be profitably used both by beginners as well as advanced students of yoga.

Book is available in English, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.





“What happens to us after we die?”. This is the central question addresses in this book. It was Tenets of Vedanta and science to deduce the inevitable of rebirth. The endless cycle of birth, living and death characterized at every stage with intense pain and suffering will be the fate of those who waste their valuable human birth in the pursuit of ephemeral pleasure. The only way out of this pain and suffering is sinless righteous living ,self-enquiry and eventual self realization. This book shows the reader the pathway to such and evolved state of existence.

 The following books have have been compiled by Dr. D.V.R.  Sheshadri, a staunch devotee of Swami Virajeshwara:

Guru Mahima0001

Guru Mahima: The Pathway to Enlightment

‘Guru Mahima: The Pathway to Enlightenment’ is a collection of reflections by some of the devotees whose lives have been transformed by Gurudev Swami Virajeshwara Saraswathi a Jeevanmuktha, resinding at Hamsa Ashramam, Anusoni near Hosur. After returning from USA, the details of His spiritual journey, serach for Guru in Himalayas and sadhana marga have been meticulously and brilliantly recorded in His autobiography, “Scientist’s Search for Truth”.

He guides sincere spiritual seekers to embark on the right spiritual pathway. We sincerer hope that this book covering personal experiences of devotees will encourage and motivate spiritual aspirants to continue their quest in an earnest way.


Guru Prathana0001

Guru Prarthana

Poojya Swami Virajeshwara Saraswati, a realized soul lives in Hamsa Ashramam, Anusoni, Tamil Nadu. He is the beloved Gurudev for hundred of serious aspirants, who holds the hand of sincere seekers and helps them to cross this dreadful ocean of samsara, to realize the supreme and expects nothing from them in return.

This little book, titled ‘Guru Prarthana’ is collection of classic prayers to the Guru. It has a verses in Sanskrit and Kannada, as well as meanings in English and Kannada. Our Gurudev, repeatedly says that the real Guru behind all the different names and forms is within us. This book is divided into two parts, ‘Nitya Stuti’ a collection of four classic stitras, viz., Sri Gurustotram, Sri Guruvastakam, Sri Guru Paduka Stotram and Sri Guruvandana which are meant for daily recitation; and ‘Guru Mahatmyam’, comprising of two parts, viz., Glimpses of Guru Gita and Gurutatva from various scripturers. Glimpeses of collection of various Upanishadic and other scriptural shlokas on the Guru. This little book will help spiritual aspirants to understand the pivotal role of the Guru to guide us on the spiritual path, and also to offer daily prayers to the Guru to seek his continued blessings and grace.













































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